Compliance and quality assurance

Food safety

Manage your food safety to meet compliance

QTRACA. Cloud Based Inventory and Food Safety Software

Digital Forms

We let you build any form

Our powerful builder allows you to create complex and multifaceted forms that can be tailored to meet diverse requirements. With a wide array of templates available, you don’t even have to start from scratch.

Additionally, our secure platform lets you restrict access to forms based on specific roles or custom groups. You can also add approval logic to forms whenever it’s necessary. And, that’s not all. Our platform also boasts of field level auditing, form version history, alerting, and reporting. All your compliance needs are covered.

In short, by using our form builder, you can take your forms to the next level and achieve great results. Don’t limit your potential. Partner with us and unleash the power of our form builder.


Food Safety Plan

We let you build and store your food safety plan in one place

Enter your procedures, forms, reports, people, machinery into QTRACA and link these into your food safety plan. Have complete visibility of your plan and the related components within the system at anytime.

Extend your food safety plan with process diagrams which can identify the hazards and controls at each step of the process. Link steps back to your food safety plan to get a complete picture.  

QTRACA. Cloud Based Inventory and Food Safety Software

IoT Environmental Monitoring

We let you Monitor Temperatures automatically

If you are over monitoring temperatures manually you can add IoT temperature devices to record temperatures and send the readings to QTRACA. Temperatures will be recorded, and if any are out of specification then users will be alerted by email.


We let you Schedule Tasks

Add tasks against procedures and forms so that you can schedule your work.

Keep on top of tasks by viewing tasks in a weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar. 

Receive alerts when tasks are overdue.  

QTRACA. Cloud Based Inventory and Food Safety Software

Quality Assurance

We let you manage non conformances and complaints

Enter non conformances directly against inwards goods, forms, production batches, and complaints.

Enter complaints from customers and consumers

If non conformances are raised then manage by entering corrective and preventative actions.

Staff Training

We let you manage staff training and onboarding

Create employee forms for staff to fill out.

Test staff training by setting quizzes on required knowledge.

Get staff to read and sign documents during onboarding.

QTRACA makes my job easy. If you take QTRACA away from me it is very very stressful for me, and I cannot do my work properly. So it's very useful for our production.

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