When it comes to record keeping during production its easy to use paper. It has served a basic purpose allowing businesses to meet compliance requirements for many years. However using paper makes it hard to get visibility into your business, is prone to errors which are often picked up too late in the process, and can cause storage complications.

Moving to digital forms doesn’t have to be a hard process, and the rewards are high.

Here are 3 reasons why using digital forms over paper can power up your business.

1. Increase Visibility

Having your forms entered digitally means you can start to visiualise key data. You can graph this information and start to see trends. You can pick up errors and inefficiencies that would typically be missed when entered on paper.

You can start to be proactive instead of reactive, by being alerted to out of spec data as it happens. This alone can reduce costs if you can pick up issues before product is packaged or released.

You can get on top of approvals and sign off using electronic signatures. You can easily find forms that haven’t been signed, not completed, or meet any criteria you specify.

2. Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Having digital forms will enable staff to spend more time adding value to your business, rather than fighting fires and chasing paperwork for sign-off and approval.

Forms can be found quickly from anywhere in the world. Decisions can be made informatively and correctly through the visualisation of data. Increasing productivity and efficiency.

3. Reduce Risk

Storing records electronically can help reduce risk from unforseen events where paper may be lost, such as flooding and fires.

Being alerted to issues as soon as possible helps reduce exposure and costs due to product recalls, and product wastage.

Is it time you removed paper from your production floor?