In today’s environment staff training in food safety and operating procedures is more critical than ever. Not only is training important, but making sure that it is understood and comprehended by staff is key. Do you have a complete picture of your training and an understanding of whether it is effective or not?

Here are 5 ways QTRACA can help enhance your staff training program.

1. Digitize your training records

By digitizing your training records not only do you have all your records easily accessible in one consolidated place, you unlock this data to provide value to your business. For example, by selecting a user you can see all their training records, what they have been trained in and how they scored compared against the average.

2. Automatically score staff quizzes

QTRACA Training allows you to build custom training courses for staff in the format of a document or a quiz. Using our drag and drop editor, documents and quizzes can quickly be created with unlimited possibilities. Quizzes are automatically scored for users, making it easy to see overall success as soon as quiz is completed.

3. Gain insight into how questions where answered

QTRACA Training allows you to able to see at question level what answers have been selected by users. This gives you valuable insight in to whether questions are potentially being misunderstood by staff.

In giving you the full picture of training all in one place you are able to see questions success rates, and understand where questions could be re-framed to better deliver future training.

4. Get sign-off from staff 

It’s important that when training is performed the staff member acknowledges that they have received training. QTRACA enforces this by capturing a digital signature from the staff member on completion of a training course.

5. Increase Compliance

Capturing all this information, as well as being able to flag who requires re-training, means that all compliance requirements are fulfilled. No more shuffling through paperwork and spreadsheets to try and prove that training has been performed in a satisfactory manner, as it’s all in one easily accessible place with QTRACA.